At 15 years of age, I experienced my brother dying in a tragic accident. During that time there was not any type of support for grieving teens other than counseling. At the age of 19, I determined that someday I would have a camp for children and teens who are grieving. Today, nearly 28 years later, I am the camp director for Camp ERIC and fulfilling the lifelong dream of bringing hope to people who have had a loved one die.

As a follower of Jesus Christ and a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist, I am thankful to be able to bring my professional and personal experience to lead a camp that gives people the opportunity to begin or continue healing on their journey of grief. I am thankful to God for taking my passion for outdoor recreation, prayer, worship, and rest to create something beautiful in His mountains for people to participate in and heal.

It is my distinct privilege and honor to walk with people in their grief. As I continue to grow with our camp, I am more and more amazed with how God has designed our hearts to heal and find joy again after a devastating loss. He is truly our Great Comforter and the One who blesses us with new life.